In pairs, choose an animal you like and look for photos and videos here:

Compfight: here you can find photos; write the name of the animal in the search box

BBC Nature: videos, photos and information

Earth touch: photos and videos

Kideos: lots of videos

Arkive: explore for information, photos and

Choose a photo and save it to the file called "Animals5grade"
By the way, my favourite animal is the sea otter. Do you know what animal it is? Here's a photo


And here you have a visual dictionary with pictures and information about the animal kingdom:

5th November 2010

Learning and talking about animals we like.

What information do we need to find ? What do we want to learn about our favourite animals?
Let's brainstorm in the classroom and decide what information we'll look for

suli_5a.png 5a_pissarra.png

marc_5b.png 5b_pissarra.png

yasmina_5c.png dawid_2.png5c_pissarra.png

Here's next step: making pairs and deciding what animal we want the project to be about


We post our projects HERE. There's one page for each pair of students to post their projects about the Animal Kingdom

Our teacher shows us the file she's created with the ideas we brainstormed. She shows us the wiki where we will complete the file and upload videos and pictures. She also presents the example she has completed about the sea otter. Here she's talking about the size of the sea otters!


In pairs we have looked for pictures of the animals we have chosen and saved them to our personal files.

Saving images to our personal files

We have started editing our pages. We have written the name and scientific name of our animal and we have uploaded a photo and embedded it in our page.
Zaira after embedding a photo of a dolphin and finding its scientific name in Wikipedia