It's September and we are back to school!

We've checked our new wiki and we have read our Back to School Poem.

We've learned how to say "hello" in many different languages.
Some of us use one of those languages at home. Dimitry speaks Russian, for example, and showed us how to pronounce "Privet".

We've gone through our classroom rules.

We've met Mr.Greedy and Little Miss Greedy but we don't know very well how to feed them yet!

Our teacher has told us a story called "Not now, Bernard" and we discussed whether it was a sad story, a funny story, a happy story, a silly story... ; most of us liked it but some did not!

We've revised some classroom vocabulary
IMG_2562.JPG IMG_2563.JPG

We have all explained, orally, what we did this summer. We have learned to say " I went..."
We've written a short text explaining that too.
First, we've written sort of a list of the things we've done. Here's one example:
Then, with the help of our teacher, we've added information to that list and we've made sentences.
It's been hard work and quite difficult. Our teacher asked questions to get information to complete the text; lots of questions!!!
We've been very patient because she had to help us one at a time; we've helped each other too!
Second draft:

Then, we completed the texts and typed them.

We've sent pictures of our holidays to our teacher, via mail, with the help of our parents.
Some of us have brought the pictures printed on paper and the teacher has taken a photo of them with her cell phone.

We have split groups and we have recorded our texts with audiboo. You can listen to us if you click on the links called "What did you do this summer?". There's one page per class.
Our teacher is now embedding the podcasts and adding the photos.
We love listening to ourselves!!!!