Friday, March 11th, 2011
This month we want to start a new project about goods, where they are made and how they get here.
We want to learn where the products we use originate; are they made in our country? in our continent? far away? Are we dependent on products from all around the world?

The first thing we are going to do is to collect labels from all the products we use. We'll check the labels on our clothes, shoes, food, toys, school materials...

We also want to find out how they are transported. How do they get here? how long does it take for them to get here?

And maybe we'll finish the project by going on a shopping spree around the world!!!! ;-) It may be fun to plan the trip and to make the shopping list.

Our clothes and schoolbags are made in...





We have checked where they things we have are made in, by looking at the labels.

We've created a list,individually, with some of our goods and where they are made in. We've recorded the information in a grid

We've discussed the information in class; we have talked about it a lot and we have exchanged it. We have reached some conclusions, all together.

We've transfered the information into a bar graph (individually)- We have talked about it in groups.

We've created all together some writing frames and then we've written a text reporting the information in the graphs, individually.

We have got in pairs to report that information orally and we have answered questions posed by our teacher.



Bruna talking about where her things are made in from Rosamaria Felip on Vimeo.